Monday, February 20, 2012

NEW MUSIC: Mahalia

I can't pinpoint exactly what I was doing at 13, but I imagine it was something to do with superheroes and comic books, and maybe even an A-Team van. I'm pretty confident I wasn't the talk of music heads all over the UK, with my stunning, heartfelt and mature lyrics, and delectable vocal talents. I'll double-check with my Dad, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't.

There have been some very fine female singer-songwriters emerging out of the UK in the last number of years (just take Amy Winehouse and Adele as an example), and this new face is certainly no less talented. Mahalia is just 13 years old, but her musical capabilities are – both vocally and lyrically – far, far, far beyond her years. This is another little lady who, along with the likes of Birdy and Gabrielle Aplin, proves that you’re never too young to crack the music industry nowadays.

Mahalia's songs, particularly the noteworthy 'Let the World See the Light', exhibit a sincerityand maturity that many people twice her age only wish they had. Her acousitc tracks are brimming with beauty and grace, and her stunning, raspy vocals would melt the iciest of hearts.

Intrigued? Hooked? You should be...

Find out more about Mahalia by following her on Facebook or Twitter on the internet machine.

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