Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEW MUSIC: Doe Paoro

There's nothing I like more on this blog than posting about new talents, especially ones of the female singer-songwriter variety. One person who knows this, is my good friend Dave Morrisey, a former music blogger who is now solely responsible for the brilliant online music show, Below and Beyond. Yesterday Dave posted a video for a song from newcomer Doe Paoro on my blog's Facebook page, and I was instantly transfixed.

Before I continue harping on about Doe Paoro, I feel I should warn you that this lady's music is going to seep inside your brain and force you stop whatever you are doing. Yes, she is that special.

Doe Paoro, aka Sonia Kreitzer, has been garnering much praise in her native Brooklyn for a while now, but her incredible sound has, of late, been slowly creeping through the internet machine and onto our earwaves over this side of the world. Paoro's dark, haunting, yet completely infectious music is brimming with originality and inventiveness, and her sparse piano laments and stunning vocals are utterly captivating.

Paoro's album, Slow to Love, is out now through Bandcamp (see here) and is a collection of songs that should be placed on repeat and treasured. She herself calls it "banshee soul"; I call it [expletive] incredible.

For the best examples of Paoro's sheer talent, check out the tracks below. For more on Doe Paoro, stalk her on Facebook. I will be.

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